SmartStep - a proven ERP, CRM and PowerApps implementation methodology that transforms the project delivery process for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

SmartStep for Microsoft Dynamics 365, is suitable for Private Businesses, Non-Departmental Public Bodies, Irish Semi-State Organisations and all Local Government Departments. It covers the full lifecycle of your project and throughout your engagement with us at Sysco Software, you’ll have access to our team of Dynamics 365 specialists who are based in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

SmartStep aims to reduce the initial cost of business by simplifying, automating and accelerating the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system selection, analysis and design process. This “early stage” discovery and design process helps to mitigate project risk and increases quality whilst giving tangible outcomes in the form of RFP Documentation and Reports. 

SmartStep comprises four primary areas: DISCOVER, DESIGN, IMPLEMENT and SUPPORT.

Core ValueSmartStep delivers real business value with tangible outcomes;
from project discover through to implementation and support.

Access to the SmartStep methodology enables the use of the collaborative project tool GYDE365 which will engage the key members of staff from your various departments. All of this, with tangible delivery outcomes for your teams; outcomes which will highlight gaps which need further discussion or development.

All of these factors help to drive reduced time, cost and risk when designing and deploying a Microsoft Dynamics solution. While providing you with the documentation you need to assess budgets, licensing and remove the uncertainty with full visibility of project scope early in the process.

SmartStep: Creating Real Impact The benefits of a successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation.

Risk Mitigation

- Create the foundations for successful projects.
- Create a project governance structure which enables ownership.
- Reduce overall cost and solution uncertainty.
- Deliver on business case predictions.
- Ensure maximum user adoption and involvement from day one.

Reduced Project Outlays

- Reduce human and captial costs.
- Deliver on your business case.
- Increase your return on investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
- Reduce the ToC of Microsoft Dynamics 365.
- Reduce the overall cost of implementation.

An Efficient Use of Time

- Promotes a better and more efficient use of selection time.
- Generate a Project Plan with reliable dates.
- Involve key people across the business and limit the risk of project fatigue.
- Deliver on business case timelines.
- Ensure maximum user adoption.

Putting the Right People First

- Reduce the impact on internal project resources.
- Empower your people with greater system ownership.
- Enable system experts to add more value.
- Increase user adoption with a more standardised solution.
- Improve employee accessibility in the early stages of a project in both the discovery and design phases.

Get Started with SmartStep and Sysco Software Solutions

SmartStep transforms how your organisation approaches Dynamics 365 projects, from system selection through to deployment.

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