Discover is a revolutionary way to determine if Microsoft Dynamics 365 is right for your business. Supported by Microsoft, developed by Seer, and supported by a team of industry experts in Sysco Software.

It allows you to make an informed decision as to whether implementing Dynamics 365 will give you the business tools and capability you need...

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The "Traditional" Discovery Approach leads to More Questions than Answers

The traditional selection process consumes your most senior resources for several months leading to common issues such as:

Time Consuming & Costly

Risk of Wrong Selection

Unrealistic Timescales

Difficult to Establish Budget

Requires Highly Skilled Resources

Requirements Change Quickly

So why choose Discover?

Sysco's Expertise

Leverage over 300 successful project implementations by Sysco Software – Full Access to our Consultant Teams.

Less Risk

Know exactly your requirements with our Output Pack – build in exactly what you need using (MoSCoW)

Business Cases

Build well-informed, better business cases for your Dynamics 365 projects, with greater confidence.


You can complete the business analysis survey on GYDE365 at your own pace, with cadence calls from Sysco Account Managers.

Lower Costs

Complete your selection phase for a fixed price and at a third of the cost of less effective methods.

It's Faster

With our methodology, product evaluation times are reduced significantly.


Detailed gap/fit analysis 
Understand the fit of standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business needs and identify areas where additional investigation is needed.

Indicative costs
Obtain estimates for the deployment of Dynamics 365, including software, external consultancy, internal resources and ongoing costs, enabling you to build a more accurate business case, with confidence.

High-level solution blueprint
Easily create an RFP (Request for Proposal) document for benchmarking potential implementation partners, or even other software vendors, if required.

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SmartStep transforms how your organisation approaches Dynamics 365 projects, from system selection through to deployment.

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